I’ve decided to become a filmmaker. It’s something I’ve decided to do while trying to think less and do more. Even the title of this blog, I used the first thing that came to my mind. The power of media. People are affected so much by the media and I believe it all started with the movies. As I’ve decided to become a filmmaker, it is a long journey. I’m taking simple steps of coming there. I’m planning of becoming a librarian in order to make films on the side. Maybe the use of this blog will be an outlet for me to be true to myself and even share my personal experiences and struggles that I still deal with today. I’m hoping to review movies, mostly old ones that I’ve already seen before. Mostly because I don’t have much money or many friends. I probably won’t be harsh towards any movies either because I feel like critiquing someone’s art is just cruel. Looking on the bright side of things is what I always do, at least that is what I think I do. I might use this blog to brainstorm ideas and to learn what goes into filmmaking. I borrowed a children’s book on making movies from the library. Hey, you gotta start somewhere, even when your almost thirty.