Motivation is a very complex construct that everyone strives for. What I’ve learned is that there are three things that are important in motivation. The first one is to have a concrete goal. Without a goal, then what’s the point? In attaining that goal, planning is important. You have a goal but how are you going to get there? There should also be intention included in your planning. It gives a clear and focus direction for goal achievement. The third is willpower. Avoiding distractions involves a lot of self control, without it, we wouldn’t get anywhere. Health is important in keeping your willpower strong, any stress that you put on your body is going to drain your willpower. Without willpower, you will fail.

This was just a short post of something I’ll probably write more about. There is so much more to motivation than just this! Most of this I learned from writing a paper last semester. It feels much easier to write when you don’t have to think about using references and all that crap. This is what I know and I believe I don’t have to use sources every time I share my knowledge. However, check out Roy Baumeister’s work.

Relating to my goal of filmmaking, I’m using this blog to set up a plan. My intentions are clear, I have somewhat of a plan, and I feel like my willpower is in check. I’m hoping to write a little everyday. I should really say I WILL write everyday but that is too big of a goal (which uses a lot of willpower). Therefore, I will make a smaller goal, which is also a technique that will help in goal attainment. I’m setting a goal of writing everyday for one week, seven days from today. It is the twenty-sixth of May today, so I will write a little everyday till the second of June.