To be honest, I haven’t watched many movies lately. Not even in the last year. Reason for this is because sitting too long hurts my back. Most of the movies I’ve watched, I saw when I was struggling mentally and couldn’t really do anything else. It was my escape. Now that I’m much better, I still LOVE movies. Especially screwball comedies from the 40s, the ones that make you think, or the ones that just are plain bizarre.

Now, I don’t even own a tv. I do watch netflix everyday, but not too much. Mostly when I’m eating or trying to relax after a long day. And I seem to only watch comedy shows, many of the same over and over again (Arrested Development). Don’t underestimate the power of movies and tv shows, they will affect your mood. They produce false emotions in you, which is why I try to stay away from heavy stuff in periods where I’m stressed. It WILL affect you. Not only your mood but your energy and your sleep. It is so powerful it might even affect your appetite.

If you have any problems if your life, and you’ve watched a lot of dramatic or violent shows, maybe back away for a while. Get up and move. As I said, my back hurts if I sit too much. This is a normal response to sitting too much. If your back hurts when you walk, you’ve been sitting so long that your back muscles are weak. Your legs and glutes are nonexistent, and your back is doing all of the work of holding your spine straight. Walking cures everything relating to movement. Barefoot.