So I fucked up and mentioned a product. I don’t want to advertise. It’s against what I stand for. This just proves how powerful the media is. Unknowingly I’m mentioning products. And I thought I was an exception of the influence of media. Oh well, what is done is done. I am human after all.

I couldn’t think what to write about today. Not because I don’t have ideas, but because I have too many ideas. I find it difficult to decide. There’s just so much out there to explore!

I’m getting closer to my goal of writing everyday for a week. Soon I’ll have to come up with a new plan. Tomorrow I’m thinking of writing more about the goals of this blog. I think I’ve mentioned most of it. I did it all without thinking that I forgot what I started out writing. I’ve been doing more things without thinking, not much good has come out of it yet. I seem to think too much throughout the day, I have to figure out a way to try to stop that. Think less, do more. Think LESS. Do MORE. Trying to carve it into my brain.