Went on a spontaneous mountain hike today. Well spontaneous as I decided to join on Friday. Got really sunburned, but met some nice people. Today was a good day. Thinking of uploading some videos on youtube. The only thing is that I only like to make music videos and that is a no-no for youtube. Even private videos fyi. And here I’m mentioning a product again. Umph. I will upload it on the internet somehow and that will enable me to post them on here. Better.

Sitting on top of a mountain is the best feeling in the world. The air is so fresh. It is very quiet and peaceful. The view is out of this world fantastic and all you wanna say is holy shit. It’s that indescribable. If you’re feeling down, go up a mountain! Now, I’m lucky to have mountains “in my backyard” and I’m forever grateful for that. If you don’t have any of convenience, I suggest going somewhere you haven’t been before. Preferably somewhere that hasn’t been touched by man, but man-made works if there’s not really anything else in the area. Just somewhere you can move around without being judged. Walking around barefoot is wonderful. Where other places it’s no-shoes, no-service, in the mountains, shoes are optional.

I won’t go into the problems with modern shoes or hiking boots. Nor will I endorse any products (not until I find a pair that keeps my feet warm in snow, and then save up to actually buy them). Now, I’m thinking of getting some reindeer boots (the ones WITHOUT the modern soles). They seem to be thin and flexible, we’ll see!