Two more days till I’ve made my goal. Need to come up with a new goal. I think I’ll make a goal of another week but this time write more related to my filmmaking goal. It’s difficult to stay on topic. I think I’ll watch and review a movie during the next week as well.

I have so many ideas for films, I can see it in my mind but I can’t put it into words. Trying to figure out how I can maybe practice writing what I see. I’ve drawn sort of storyboards of what I imagine but I can’t draw either. Wondering how the best way to express these visions in my head is.

For next week I think I’ll make a list of topics for each day and try to follow that. Planning is important but hard. Actually I think planning is easier than actually doing it…

Couldn’t think of a right word for this post. I feel like the turtle stuck in mud.