I made my goal of writing everyday for a week, yay! Now on to the next goal. I’m setting a new goal of writing each day. I will do at least one film review (of a movie I haven’t seen before). I will also talk about my favorites. Do another post on genres. Do a challenge, maybe two. What else, what else… Hopefully the fundamentals course is not just things like, change the title. I like my title, thank you very much. And I can’t figure out how to get the tagline. I get it on the static home page but I can’t get rid of the pictures that are in the background so forget that shit. I’ll probably try to make a better home page later. Kind of annoying that you have to scroll and scroll on this blog page.

It is June and August can not get here soon enough. In sixteen days I’m running my first ever marathon, so that will be exciting.