My first daily prompt: Sky

The sky is big.
The sky is blue.
The sky is dark without its sun.
The sky is light when the moon is full.
The sky has clouds.
The sky is seen by everyone.
The sky is infinite.
The sky is reflected in water.
The sky covers us.
The sky holds the sun and the moon.
The sky is not the limit.
The sky is high.
The sky is above us.

One by one
We look to the sky
All we see is blue
Light blue, dark blue
Blue, blue, blue

Today is a new day
The sky is gray
The sky is crying
Washing away guilt
Left behind

Snow on the mountains
Washing away
The sky will wash it away
With its tears

The sky is crying for humanity
What have we done, we ask
We know, and we do it again and again
Just wash away our sins
Cover it up
Let the next ones deal with it

I love writing poetry but I don’t care much to read it. There’s a lot of overlap that happens so many poems just seem a like. I love reading my own though, I feel wow, I wrote that? It seems so deep. When in reality, I wrote it in less than ten seconds. Here I notice how it went from really basic to much deeper meaning. Should I just have posted the last part? I think it’s interesting to see the thinking process that was involved. A brainstorming of some sorts, uncovering my deeper thoughts. It’s like I did psychoanalysis on myself. So this is what Freud meant with free association.

*No editing was done to this post (except for the addition of this, ha)