Thinking of just deciding on a topic and then go with it today. Genres. Like many other things, I don’t like putting label on things because who’s to say what is funny or not? What is the definition of horror or drama? It seems easy for most people to understand but I’m not like other people. I see things with an open mind. I see everything in different perspectives.

I guess I like comedies. What is comedy? I think it’s something that makes you laugh. Not everyone is going to laugh at the same things. Laughing lifts your mood, it really is the best medicine. There are times I don’t laugh and I don’t know why. Is it because I didn’t get it or because I’ve heard it so many times before?  What makes something not funny? Maybe if you watch something too seriously you won’t get the humor. I seem to see humor in pretty much everything I watch. And I think others should as well. It is fantasy and should not forget that while watching a movie or a show.

One of my favorites is Auntie Mame (1958). I can not tell you why I think it’s hilarious but I do. Maybe I want to be like this character. I never get around to reading the book to really find out how she really was. This movie is a good example of how good a movie can be with a simple premise. For a more recent film, Elf (2003) is another example of one of my favorites. Funny how they both are holiday related films. Simple, not serious and just plain witty are they.

Thinking about other genres I actually don’t care for action films. I can’t really think of any movies that I’d like to see again. Depends on what the definition of action is. Action films I associate with guns and violence, and in my view those films usually don’t have good dialogue or cinematography. Is The Godfather (1972) an action film? Hmm.

Drama is the big bowl-a-rama, most of the movies probably fall under this category. Many movies that don’t fit anywhere else is probably put in this genre as well. I don’t know, I’m really rambling today. I wrote for about 3 hours earlier, haven’t read any of it. It was just things in my head and now I’m doing it again. STICK to topic. My weakness. I am not good at it, I could edit this but I don’t really care.

What was I saying? At some point I’ll probably talk about The Hours (2002) and how it is the most perfect movie ever. But for now I think I rambled enough for today. Didn’t really say much about the actual topic but that is the power of words.