Wrote this yesterday in response to a blogging fundamentals task. This is what I wish my ideal reader would see. I started to brainstorm the kind of person I hope will read my blog. Then I started to think about this speech from The Great Dictator (1940). After that I started to ramble on again. Also, the task says to add a new media element, therefore I included this video. It’s still relevant, 76 years later. I don’t really want to post things that are not my own, but this is a must.

The person I hope will read my blog is someone who shares my views. That we’re all fucked up and no one does anything about it. There isn’t anything anyone can do. All these things we do are just distractions to keep us occupied.

I want to make an impact like Chaplin did. How does someone have the courage to make such a movie, such a statement? I have heard that he wouldn’t have made it if he knew the extent of what was going on at the time, but how could he? Today, we do know what’s going on in the world and no one does anything. Some people try but it’s no use. Too many are blinded by the power of media. The medical community is fucked up. Doctors don’t treat people anymore, they just treat symptoms and couldn’t care less about the individual. If you trust the medical community, you probably haven’t had your trust broken like I and countless others have. Doctors are not always right. Scientists are not always right. There are doctors and scientists with different views that are ignored. People only believe what they see or hear constantly. You are not sheep, you are not cattle, you are human. 

So fine, I “only” have a bachelors degree. But you know, there’s this thing called a library where you can find textbooks and all other information that people learn in medical school. It’s not that hard. You have a brain, use it. Don’t just take whatever people tell you for granted. Ask questions, be critical. Sometimes the most reasonable is not always right.

Take for example the author of Proof of Heaven, don’t care what his name is. What an awful book, shows how degrees do not matter. This guy is a neurosurgeon? You got to be fucking kidding me. And to the people that like the “neuroscience” in this book: there is no neuroscience in this book.

I applaud doctors and scientists that go against the common beliefs. Dissenters and critical thinkers are essential to society. I wish I had their courage.