So, I was going to do a film review. I watched a movie that I haven’t seen before. The problem is that it wasn’t very good. How does one write of a review of that? I think I will write more of a synopsis rather than a review tomorrow. What is a film review anyway?

A film review have an impact of whether readers decide to see a film  Now it makes a little more sense. I will write something about the movie I watched, it’s going to take a little time to analyze it as I have never actually written a review before. I may have to read up about it a little more. Thinking about it actually makes me excited, which is good because this is one of the things I will learn how to do this fall.

I’ve always thought that being a film critic would be really cool. Now I feel like I can’t be critical, because of 1. it’s art and 2. it’s subjective. Art critique is not something I care for, the reason why I abandoned art a long time ago. I can’t handle it. And aesthetics is impossible to measure. It’s different from one person to another. There’s a movie that describes the absurdity of the art world called Art School Confidental (2006). Highly recommend it.