Started to think about how a certain actor ruins the film experience for me. I don’t really know why. It just feels like I’m being slapped in the face with “THIS IS AN ACTOR, YOU’RE WATCHING A MOVIE.” I don’t know if it’s his fluorescent white teeth or that he’s just so well known. Why do I notice this guy’s teeth all the time? Maybe it’s his acting. There is something I don’t care for about it. I asked someone why they liked him one time, and they said “he seems like a nice guy.” Like that has anything to do with his acting ability? Do you personally know this person?

Anyway, I meant to talk about acting. Good acting is when you don’t remember who the actor was. For example, Toni Collette. I can never remember her name because she is so good at being other people. A good actor. When you see actors like this, you forget that you’re watching a movie, tv show or even a play. Did you know she played the mother in The Sixth Sense? Yes, that was her. Did you know she is Austrailian? Probably not, because she is good at doing accents. I highly recommend the show The United States of Tara, where she plays at least five different characters (remember it’s fiction, not reality).

Going back to bad acting. The actor who I do not care for seems to play the same character in every movie or show. His performances do not stick out for me. There are some of his movies that are good, but would have been great if he wasn’t in it. His presence ruined my film experience. I try to like his acting , but it’s just not believable to me.