The last task of the blogging fundamentals course, is to start a regular posting feature. I feel like I already have some regular postings, but haven’t actually done them yet, ha. For one, I was going to do film reviews. I’ve watched a couple of movies but haven’t gotten around to write something. It was more difficult than I thought it was going to be. Been reading a lot of books about film analysis and theory. There were some other things that I was thinking of doing but can’t recall at this moment. I wrote some down, that I could think of:

  • How media has influenced me (in different ways)
  • The complexity of ideas/topics
  • Film or show reviews
  • Updates on my filmmaking
  • Poems or short stories
  • Recommendations (film, show, music, other?)
  • Motivation and goal planning
  • Weird movie picks
  • If you like this, then maybe you’ll like this
  • Good actor, bad actor
  • Classic film tuesday?

I’ll try them and see how I feel about them being a regular thing. Trying to think of how to feature movies more. I’m a little afraid of using the same word again for titles, probably have to make titles longer from now on.