Running my first marathon today and it’s at night, so have to write much earlier than I’m used to, ha. I’m so excited, curious on how it will go. Pacing is the hardest, you really just want to go as fast as you can. But I’ve made a plan and my goal is to finish under 4 hours and 13 minutes.

I’ve also been eating very low carb the last couple of weeks. Basically doing the opposite of everyone else. It’s like an experiment I’m doing on myself. I did 3 ski marathons (all within 2 months) doing the same and worked great. I could have finished them all with just water but at some stops they only had sugary drinks (I felt like they slowed me down, made me more thirsty). Now, running is a little different. You don’t get the breaks as  you do in cross country skiing (when you go downhill), and I feel like it’s more anaerobic than long distance running. In addition, you use your whole body rather than just your legs. I’ve been focusing on leg strength ever since the last ski marathon.

Planning for a marathon is important but also what to do after. I gotta admit, I haven’t really planned any recovery runs. I haven’t really been following a training schedule either. I tried but ended in doing whatever my body felt like. I did mostly slow runs and incorporated some sprints and hill work. After a while I felt like I knew my body so well that I could tell if I needed to either do aerobic or anaerobic workouts.

Post marathon I plan on walking the day after, maybe go for a very light jog the second day. Maybe bike the third, easy run on the fourth and fifth day, see how I feel at that point. Maybe plan an ultra race later on? I don’t know, I’d love to go as far as I can, but I’m not competitive, races don’t really appeal to me. We’ll see.