A while ago I started to run. I liked how I felt after. Decided that exercise is important, diet doesn’t matter. It was only recently that I discovered that if I changed my diet, I could have the feeling I get after a run, all the time. I could literally change the way my mind works by altering my diet. I was amazed. I’m still researching this, mostly by trial and error.

I’m tired of people fighting each other over what’s a better diet. Everyone’s different. Our bodies respond in different ways. Some of us have been injured by environmental factors (which is probably most of us). Again, it’s trial and error.

I’ve been a vegetarian, it literally made me crazy.

I don’t condemn vegans. I admire people like Scott Jurek, who runs ultra-marathons on a vegan diet. If it works for him, that’s awesome. It’s when people get angry and tell you that one is right and the other is wrong, that bothers me. If your stomach tolerates it, then that’s cool. My stomach does not. What I admire about Jurek is that he eats and runs. Many don’t realize that you have to eat all the time on a diet like that. He does it correctly. If you’re so angry all the time, maybe you should eat something. You probably have low blood sugar. I’m not being mean, I just want you to know how it works. I also admire people like Timothy Allen Olsen, who runs on fat. Dean Karnazes, who used to run on pretty much anything (not sure what he does now). Everyone’s different.

Don’t assume people who eat meat are soulless humans who enjoy slaughtering animals. I’ve been damaged by drugs and can only tolerate certain things.

I enjoy feeling full and not hungry every hour.
I enjoy not having a weight put on my chest.
I enjoy not having to run to the restroom all the time.
I enjoy being able to focus and read.
I enjoy waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized.
I enjoy going on long hikes without losing energy.
I enjoy being alert when talking to people.

I’m not any better myself. I read that Sia had graves disease. My first automatic thought was, is she a vegan? Turns out I was right in this case, BUT she’s had so many shitty things happen to her that it’s unfair to me to assume such things. Too many variables. Always too many variables. I secretly want her to try my diet, assuming it’s the best for her too. I am a hypocrite. We all are, but really we just want to help others, right?

If someone had told me about low carb diets 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have listened. I do wish doctors would ask though. Open your eyes. Your stomach affects your spine, your spine affects your mind. I wish I’d opened my eyes a long time ago.

You can’t tell me that your digestive system don’t affect your nervous system. What about alcohol? When you drink that beer does it not affect your brain?