Island makes me think of Nim’s Island (2008), a great feel-good, family film. I rewatched it a few days ago, reminded me of how good it is. 

Nim (Abigail Breslin) lives on an island with her scientist father (Gerard Butler). When her father doesn’t come back when he’s supposed to, she gets an e-mail from her hero from the book series that she loves. This is actually the author, named Alex Cross (Jodie Foster) who is researching her next book. She is an agrophobic and germophobic middle aged woman, not the cowboy Nim was picturing. 

When Nim says that her father is missing, Alex conquers her fears and travels long distances in unconventional means to get to the isolated island. She only eats a specific kind of canned soup (which probably contributes to her mental state, imho) and is terrified of pretty much everything. My favorite part is when she first leaves her apartment, I can relate.

Nim is not too happy of who is coming to visit her: 

You came here all the way from San Fransisco and you don’t know how to do anything.


Eventually the father comes back:

Jack: Be the hero of your own life story. 

Alex Rover: Don’t hand me that line – I wrote that line!

Grrrreat little film based on a book, I think.