This first installment of “Power of media,” is just a rant based on the idea of first impressions.

I like to change my hair and clothing style quite often. People treat you different based on how you look and behave. I like to confuse people. We as humans make judgments about others in less than a second. First impressions are quite powerful. Everyone treats others based on them. You make connections and associations of things you’ve seen before. Why is everyone so oblivious to this?

If you treat someone like a criminal, they’re going to act like a criminal. If you treat me like an innocent and quiet little girl, I’m going to act like an innocent and quiet  little girl. I’ve had people tell me to be more confident after 10 seconds of having met me. What the fuck? I cannot comprehend how someone comes to a conclusion like that so fast. I have tons of confidence, thank you very much. It’s YOU that I worry about. I can’t tell you my whole life story that fast.

Stop looking at the surface.

Stop making connections that do not exist.

Stop judging people.

Stop watching tv if you can’t think for yourself.

The media doesn’t influence me, I’m an exception. I wish people would join me, the world would be in such a better place. And you tell me that I don’t have self confidence! I’ve learned that a good first impression is all that matters. Do you know how much shit I can get away with by pretending to be a clueless person? I’m not a sociopath, so I don’t actually do any crazy shit, but I could if I wanted!