I’m trying to think of a word to describe this movie. Not quite quirky, more in the lines of strange or peculiar, but somewhat charming. Eggs (1995) follows the daily lives of brothers Moe (Sverre Hansen) and Far (Kjell Stormoen) Far has been translated to “Pa”, I assume to let nonnorwegian speakers know the oddness of that name. It reminded me a lot of Kitchen Stories (2013), turns out it’s by the same director! Thought I was clever for a second, but then remembered that’s why I borrowed it in the first place…

This film is not for everyone, I would recommend seeing Kitchen Stories before deciding on this one, unless you like old men dancing in their underwear. It is very low budget so the quality is not great. However, it has some fantastic long shots of various scenes which I liked. Also, the fun bonding dynamics between the brothers.

The brothers are in their seventies, live in the country. We see them play cards, listen to the radio, have groceries delivered by a couple of guys (one eats all their sugar and the other Far plays balloon ping pong with). They get a phone call and suddenly the son of one of them arrives to live with them. It’s not really clear but the brothers have only been apart once, and that was when Moe went to Småland, and the guy that shows up at their house is his son from that one visit to Småland. His name is Konrad (Leif Andrée), and this is where the movie becomes strange. I don’t know, I think the weird bird noises the guy was making got me confused. I see that it might have something to do with the egg collection he had.


How it ends (SPOILER): Konrad’s  mother passes away and he will permanently stay at the house of the brothers. Far then leaves at the middle of the night, and that’s that.

Last thought: Can’t figure out if there is a significance behind the beginning and ending shots of their weird designed steps.