Been so busy the past week that I didn’t get time to post. At one point I figured I’ll just take a whole week off, so I did. But now I’m back and hope to continue regular postings.

It’s good to keep busy, especially mentally. I think this week has taught me a lot and made me enjoy things a little more. Now back to organizing and planning. For the upcoming week I plan on writing two film reviews, do one power of media feature post, do one or two challenges, a post on translations and subtitles, and one more to make it a full seven days. Maybe plan the next week sort of post.

Ever since the screen on my laptop stopped working, it’s been a little difficult to keep up the postings. Right now I’m writing on my laptop in my lap and watching the words come on the tv screen. The most challenging part is that I can’t sit at a desk, making it really uncomfortable.