This movie is a masterpiece. Shot entirely in natural light, The Revenant (2015) is excellently shot, chilling and sometimes even torturing. A little after the two hour mark, there was this haunting noise that really bothered my ears. No one else notice this? I might just have sensitive hearing toward certain pitches…

I’ve never noticed so much glare on screen before, I guess that’s what you get for using the sun as lighting. Not sure if this was good or bad, made it look more like a documentary. Wonder if that was the idea behind it.

Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu captures the scenery and nature beautifully. The bear attack is alone worth the look of this film. The only catch is that the movie goes on for quite a while. At 2 hours and 36 minutes, it’s a long ride but not too bad. It’s like a shorter version of Lawrence of Arabia (1962), but with snow and coldness instead of sand and hotness.


I should probably mention that Leonardo DiCaprio’s role as the real life Hugh Glass earned him his first academy award. Also stars Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleason and Will Poulter. And for some reason the Norwegian actor Kristoffer Joner is in this, ha. I laughed. I was like, is that? It is! I don’t think he has any lines though, hmm. Need to watch it again sometime.