Another peculiar film from Bent Hamer.

Marie (Ane Dahl Torp) works for Justervesenet or in english, the Norwegian Metrology Service. When her father has a heart attack, she has to go to Paris for a seminar where they measure the official kilogram from different countries. There she meets Pi (Laurent Stocker), who she seems to get along with very well (she speaks french!). Then we see her keep coming back to Paris and unintentionally seeing him. Right before she first meets Pi, a globe is covering her on camera. I was thinking it meant “the world is in front of her”. And then later there is another globe at the airport, this time it’s behind her. Again she sees Pi after the view of the globe. I was looking for it again but that was it. I’m going to assume these things were intentional and somehow symbolic.

Ane Dahl Torp (The Wave, 2015) plays this role very well. She seems to be in a troubling relationship, but it’s not quite clear. I think we are left to assume that as we see a man come to collect things and they don’t speak to each other.

The seriousness of the seminar/conference makes it sort of a comedy. As her life is not going so great, we ponder how life measures up.