This is a sweet little dramedy film.

The premise of the movie: Tallulah (Ellen Page) lives in her van. At the beginning of the movie she is with Nico (Evan Jonigkeit), who leaves after a fight they have. Lu (what Tallulah goes by) finds Nico’s mother, Margo (Allison Janney), as Nico took all her money. Margo waves Lu away. Rummaging through empty room service trays for food, Lu accidentally ends up babysitting a hotel guest’s baby. When the mother comes back drunk, Lu takes the baby with her. She goes back to Margo and a whole circle of lies commences.

This is a “feel bad for the con artist” type of story. It is also a love story. Yes it is very predictable and whatnot, but it’s done really well. Also the acting is outstanding. I really liked Tallulah (2016) and I highly recommend it.


One thing that still puzzles me are the dreams at the beginning and at the end. By Lu in the beginning and Margo at the end. Floating. Holding on. Letting go? Hmm.