via Daily Prompt: Joke

I was going to write a joke but I can’t think of anything so now I’m just typing and typing along trying to think of something to write and it’s not going so well because now I can’t stop writing and can’t stop this sentence in a way that makes it a good sentence for a blog post which is all I am trying to do but there isn’t much I can think of at the moment to keep this up but I feel like this is  a joke in it of itself as I can not stop typing and how long can one go nobody knows it’s just a joke in the face that is all it is and nothing more to it than that and what can I pull out of my mind right now I don’t know I’m just typing and it’s starting to feel like a rap of some kind and it must be really difficult to read this here but I’m just going to continue to go on as it is what I feel like a lot of people do in the academic world as if there is meaning to every little thing in the world maybe not and maybe so I don’t know and perhaps there is meaning behind text alignments