The Bling Ring (2013) felt a little like a campy tv movie. I read somewhere that it’s a “comic thriller” and I couldn’t agree more. Oh, and I just found out there is a lifetime movie from 2011 as well… I feel like maybe this movie wasn’t necessary then.

Based on true events of a gang of teenagers that finds a thrill in robbing the homes of so-called celebrities. Sofia Coppola captures the ridiculousness of it all pretty well, but there’s something that just makes it not good. Ha. I don’t know what it is, maybe just the campy and cheesy feel to it. It is nowhere near Coppola’s Lost in Translation (2003) or Virgin Suicides (1999).


The acting is not great, I’d say Leslie Mann was probably the best in this. Emma Watson is also good (as Leslie Mann’s daughter), too bad they are not the main characters. Israel Broussard as Marc, was alright.

At times there was so much mumbling that I had to put the subtitles on in order to understand what they were saying. Not sure if it was the acting, how the lines were delivered, or the background noise.

That being said, I recommend it if you like campy movies, Emma Watson speaking like a valley girl, or Leslie Mann.