I was fortunate enough to see an advanced screening of Cave (2016), which is a norwegian adventure thriller.

It starts off with what felt like a very long car commercial. This threw me off for a bit, but it got gradually better. Three friends drive up to a cabin in the mountains. Charlotte (Heidi Toini) and Adrian (Mads Sjøgård Pettersen) are a couple, while Viktor (Benjamin Helstad) is alone. We later find out he used to be with Charlotte, or Charlie as they call her. They plan to go through a cave and come out alive.

If I didn’t read the synopsis before hand, I would have been totally lost. There is no implication of them all being former soldiers, there’s only one mention early on of Viktor having been in Afghanistan. Nor is there any explanation of where they’re going or what they are doing.


This film relies heavily on generic but good dramatic excitement music. The dialogue is weak and the storytelling is poor. However, there are beautiful views of mountains and good editing with interesting filming techniques used. Some scenes down in the cave are the strengths of this film.

The acting is the typical theatrical style that is a hallmark for most norwegian movies. If you can see past that, you might enjoy this film somewhat. Clues throughout the movie makes you later realize what was really going on, but will probably still leave you with some confusion.

Directed and written by Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken. I feel like he should get someone else to do the writing next time. What the director fails to do is to tell the story. One should not need to read a summary beforehand to understand what the movie is about (unless it is a biographical movie or something like it).