Crying at the movies is a rarity for me. Somehow Lion (2016) got to me. I think movies are best enjoyed when you know nothing about it. That is how I got into this film. All I knew was that Nicole Kidman and the guy from Slumdog Millionaire (2008) was in it. The real star of the movie is the little boy played by Sunny Pawar.


Based on a true story, this tearjerker is visually stunning with great acting performances. Some criticism of the movie include Nicole Kidman’s Lucille Ball wig, the advertising of a certain product and the half hour cry-fest where nothing happens towards the end of the movie. I realize the advertising is even on the movie poster, come on now. Couldn’t they at least use a different name for it? Is it going to be relevant 50 years into the future? Who knows. Despite these flaws, this is a brilliant film worth a watch or two.