Warning: Do not watch Lion (2016) the day before you watch this film. I think I need to watch this film over again to fully get the experience of it. Even though it was tragic and depressing, it didn’t feel as such because of the film I watched the day before. Having that said, Manchester by the Sea (2016) is still a beautiful film. The cinematography is extraordinary, making it visually stunning. It is just really heavy, at times a little too much. What more can possibly go wrong? But then I kept comparing it to Lion, making it seem not as bad. Especially because none of the characters are likable. Again, do not watch these films in succession.


My favorite was Michelle Williams as I couldn’t at first tell that it was her. She plays this role brilliantly and I predict at least an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress.  Also, the music was great.

What I didn’t like was the long build up to the actual story. This movie could easily been a little shorter in my opinion and the climax could have been presented a little earlier. The wonder of what was really going on didn’t grab my attention. Didn’t think Casey Affleck was that great either. However, it is a masterpiece despite my few dislikes with it.